Powerdet Eco 5 lt

Product Description

What is Powerdet Eco?

POWERDET ECO is unique and completely different from other detergents. It is exceptionally low in aquatic toxicity, unlike standard detergents. It is ideal for cleaning surfaces near natural waterways such as rivers or the sea, as well as over land. POWERDET ECO solutions are approved for release directly into the sea.

Key Benefits

  • Made for use over land or sea.
  • Not hazardous to the environment, unlike other detergents.
  • Sodium free. Will not cause salinity in soil.
  •  Perfume free and dye-free.
  • Safe to use. All ingredients readily biodegradable.
  • Powerful cleaning action.
  • Safe for septic tanks.y

Environmental Care

POWERDET ECO is NON-HAZARDOUS to the environment. POWERDET ECO has been made from ingredients that have been chosen to give the following properties:

  • Biodegradable ingredients
  •  Phosphate-free
  • pH-neutral
  • Sodium-free

POWERDET ECO contains:

  •  Surfactants that are readily biodegradable together with potassium salts.
  • Very low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that can cause poor air quality, air pollution and potential allergic reactions in some individuals.
  • NO perfume.
  • NO toxic, harmful or ecologically-suspect ingredients: no ammonia, glycol ethers, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, free caustic, chlorine, or heavy-metal sequestering agents.
  • NO environmentally-hazardous detergent compounds.
  • NO sodium compounds.

How Does It Work?

The surfactants in POWERDET ECO are classed as colloidal particles that work on a macromolecular level to remove soil. These particles reduce the surface tension of the solution, attack and encapsulate oil and dirt and separate these substances from the surface being cleaned. The oil and dirt can then be washed away easily.

For Use On…

POWERDET ECO will remove all soils and spillages including outdoor dirt, food spills, drinks, fats and general traffic dirt from all types of buildings, ships, jetties, floors, walls, brick, concrete, paintwork, stone, metal fittings, fibreglass, tiles and other washable surfaces. POWERDET ECO is also recommended for use on alkali-sensitive floors such as timber, terrazzo and marble.
POWERDET ECO is concentrated for cost-effective cleaning.




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