Wessel-Werk EBK340 Powerhead (PH-EBK340)

Product Description

Wessel-Werk EBK340 Powerhead

  • Reinforced cogged belt
  • 4 soft rubber wheels
  • iIndicator lights
  • Wrap-around bumper
  • Locking neck with release pedal
  • Large edge cleaning channels
  • Extra large intake orifice
  • Enclosed side mounted belt
  • Air-flow control squeegee
  • “Quick-blo” circuit breaker
  • Chevron bristle configuration
  • Extra wide cogged belt eliminates belt slip
  • Fiber glass cords in belt prolongs belt life
  • Enclosure assures debris free operation of belt
  • Side mount allows for maximum uninterrupted cleaning path
  • Comes standard with 32mm neck size and can be switched for 35mm neck

Part No# PH-EBK340 (32mm)

  • with Straight 2-Pin Lead to suit earlier model Origin, Nilfisk, Pullman, Ghibli AS5, Hako Backpacks, some Wertheim models and Piggyvac

Part No# PV-PHEBK340

  • with 2-Pin IEC Lead to suit PACVAC Backpacks (newer models), HAKO Rocket Vac XP & Pullman PC9


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